Welcome to Kidderminster-Husum Twinning Association

Friendship and Understanding - Freundschaft und Verständigung

  • St Mary's Church, Kidderminster
  • Crocuses in Husum

Our twin town, Husum, has a long and eventful history, much of which is reflected in its varied and picturesque buildings. It is the major town of North Friesland, an area which maintains a proud distinctiveness and which has a unique beauty.  The nearby North Friesian islands and the tidal flats around them - the Wattenmeer - form a National Park and biosphere reserve, which was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2009. The area is a major attraction for the many visitors to the region.

There have been links between the two towns since 1955, and the formal charter was signed in Kidderminster in 1976 and in Husum in 1977.

The Association's aims are:

  1. to promote and foster friendship and understanding between the people of the Town of Kidderminster and surrounding area in the County of Worcestershire, Great Britain and those of the Town of Husum, Schleswig Holstein, Federal Republic of Germany;
  2. to encourage visits by individuals and groups to and from the linked towns, particularly by children and young people, and the development of personal contacts, and by so doing to broaden the mutual understanding of the cultural, recreational, educational and commercial activities of the linked towns;
  3. to encourage fund-raising activities to foster the aims of the Association.

Today many organisations, families and individuals take part in the twinning process - we find that it's fun, it's educational, and it broadens our horizons. The Association does all it can to help people to link with Husum. We can offer travel advice, contacts with similar groups or families in Husum, and information about costs and possible grants (sometimes grants are available from the Association itself). We also maintain a database of people in and around Kidderminster who are willing to host visitors, and various members of the Committee are themselves involved in group or family visits.

Currently, group links include: gardeners, choirs, orchestras, Scouts, churches, cricketers, Boys' Brigade, quilters and schools. Official links are also maintained between the Kidderminster Town Council and the Stadt Husum. We are always seeking to extend the twinning experience into other areas, and talks are now taking place with other groups who we hope will become interested in twinning.

You will find information about becoming a member of the Association on the Contact Us page.